Letter Re: Water Will Be Crucial When The Grid Goes Down

I live in a very rural agricultural area 50 miles from Memphis, Tennessee (a major southern city) and have some thoughts on the reality of a Golden Horde situation. This region has an abundance of water. However virtually all the potable water is electrically pumped from deep aquifers hundreds of feet underground. In a “lights out” [grid down] scenario this area might as well be a desert. The only available water will be ground water and in the south that will quickly lead to debilitating and or fatal diseases. In a matter of days the possibility of a Golden Horde will cease to exist.

In my opinion while beans and bullets are critical, without a permanent source of potable water long term survival is just not feasible. My main concern will be my rural neighbors who for the most part have not made any serious preparations for a SHTF situation. But due to the rural lifestyle will still be a threat or asset for many weeks. Make sure you really know your neighbors and understand who will be a potential adversary who may become one of your allies. Regards, – Mississippi Prepper