Letter Re: The Endless “One Gun” Internet Debates

I understand and agree with your position regarding the “One Gun” debate. I have no desire to challenge or question yesterday’s article on the topic. I do have a question on your thoughts about the new Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle. What is your opinion regarding the concept behind this type of gun? I know they are marketing this as the “the gun to have if you can only have one” and I am not asking about that aspect of it. I see this gun as being versatile and an asset to anyone who has small arsenal. Do you think this would adequately fill the roll of the “precision shooting / hunting rifle” in your list of four guns that constitute a minimum battery for a prepared family? I have already filled the first 3 categories on your list and have been considering this new Ruger rifle to fill the 4th. Thank you, – J.D.V.

JWR Replies: I own one of the new Ruger Gunsite Scouts, and I can tell you that it is very well executed. It is a very handy gun. The adjustable length of pull stock and flash hider are brilliant. (Most of the other “Scouts” on the market lack a flash hider.) My only complaint is that it uses proprietary magazines that are presently made only buy Ruger. (A hint to C-Products and Mag-Pul: Please start making 5s, 10, and 20s for the Ruger Scout!!!)   The Ruger factory-made magazines presently sell for $64 to $70 each!  I sorely wish that they had used an existing military magazine, such as the FN/FAL magazine.  With the same cash that it takes to buy 10 spare 10 round Ruger factory magazines, you could buy a brand new Glock Model 21 with night sights or couple of SKS carbines!

I would consider Ruger Gunsite Scout a particularly good option for folks who live in semi-auto deprived states.