Economics and Investing:

Peter Schiff: “You are going to see riots in the streets”. (Thanks to Bob G. for the link.)

Fed Gave Banks Crisis Gains on $80 Billion Secretive Loans as Low as 0.01%. (Thanks to Pierre M. for the link.)

C.D.V. forwarded this item: Foreclosure sales slow, but remain very high Huge backlog of distressed properties means any housing recovery is a long way away. Here is a brief quote: “Sales of homes in some stage of foreclosure declined in the first three months of the year, but they still accounted for 28 percent of all home sales — a share nearly six times higher than what it would be in a healthy housing market.”

Items from The Economatrix:

US Durable Goods Biggest Decline in Six Months

80 Ways to be Frugal and Save Money

Welcome to Debtor’s Prison, 2011 Edition

Gold Prices Set Euro and Pound Sterling Records, Major Currencies All “Vulnerable”