Letter Re: A Suggestion for Preppers Outside of the U.S.

Dear Mr. Rawles,
Thank you very much for your help with my inquiry about storing grain and mylar bags. I have acquired some mylar bags from the US.  Your blog is a tremendous source of information but of course most the suppliers mentioned in the blogs and advertising on the blog are in America.

As stated in my original e-mail I am very new to prepping and have spent countless hours on the net trying to find a source of supply of items here in Australia.  No doubt countless preppers do the same thing attempting to find the things they need in their own country.  So I have a suggestion  –  if it is possible  –  to help preppers in other countries.  Would it be possible to set up a data base or a section on the blog where people in countries other than America could post where they can source things in their own country?
For example:  Taking Australia – which is pretty important to me personally  –  Where can you find Fuel stabilizer,  Food grade buckets,  Mylar bags, various grains in bulk,  anything in bulk even canned goods, grain mills  –  the list is endless.

If preppers in Australia for instance had a site where they could list the what, where, the cost (for comparison between suppliers)  and web site to obtain items, other people could find this information without trying to do it from scratch on their own.

Some things cannot be sourced locally.  I found for instance that there is not an agent for Country Living grain mills in Australia.  If you want one of their grain mills you have to bring it in from the US at around $120 to $140 postage. That sure adds to the price.

But many things are available if you know where to look. I sure need some help and I bet that readers of your blog all around the world could benefit greatly from a source of information for their own country.

Thanks again, – Warren

JWR Replies: To share information and to organize “group buys”, I recommend using forums like these, which are extant:

And for any readers who live in countries that do not yet have a prepper forum, launch your own! Starting and moderating a forum isn’t rocket science, and forum software is available free or at very low cost. You can be the first to set up forums anywhere in the world where there are a significant number of preppers. Based upon SurvivalBlog’s visitor map, it is safe to assume that prepper forums are needed in many countries including South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Israel, India, Thailand, South Korea, and Japan. Again, I encourage you to take the initiative, and start them. Once you do, I’ll be happy to give you some publicity in SurvivalBlog.