Economics and Investing:

More than a dozen blog readers suggested this must read piece: Hedge Farm! The Doomsday Food Price Scenario Turning Hedgies into Survivalists. Here is a quote from the article: “When asked if this is an end of the world scenario, the hedge-fund manager replied, “It really is. I tell my fiancée this from time to time, and I’ve stopped telling her this, because it’s not the most pleasant thought.”

Reader Stephen M. wrote to mention: “One of my favourite indicators as to economic health is the Baltic Dry Index.  It is simply a measure of the shipping costs to move dry goods on the sea.  It does not include oil.  If the index is up then they are moving dry commodities.  If it is falling the economic scene is deteriorating.  It is a pretty good measure. JWR Adds: I have a link to the Baltic Dry Index at my Investing Recommendations static page, along with some other useful charts and links.

C.D.V. spotted this over at Zero Hedge: UK And US Data Shows Stagflation Threat Deepening – Asian Gold Demand Remains Very High

Hedge Funds Show Lowest Net Long Silver Positions since February 2010

Too Big to Fail? Geithner Says No. (A hat tip to KAF for the link.)

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