Letter Re: Surviving TEOTWAWKI with Infants and Toddlers

Dear James,
I read your blog weekly.  Very good stuff. 

Regarding the recent article Surviving TEOTWAWKI with Infants and Toddlers, by M.A., I just wanted to add couple things, being a mom of five. 

Having things like Tiefu (for headaches, pains, sinuses), acidophilus (for stomach woes, can be used with infants and will put an end to diarrhea) Otic solutions for inner ear pain (there is no way to sooth a baby in ear pain without this stuff), Vertifree for children and adults with symptoms of vertigo caused by allergies and such.  Castor Oil for muscle pains.  Having the same bracelet can also work instead of tattoos.  One can also stock up on a small box of age appropriate toys.  

I think another good thing is develop a quiet spirit/mind/body.  Don’t expect your kids to wig out and they won’t.  Start training your babies to be quiet.  This is not done by force, but by being a quiet person yourself.  With toddlers play games like hide and seek and reward for being a good and quiet hider.   Lots of rewarding: hugging, reading, playing things they like to play are much better than punishments.  Even a harsh look can bring a child’s morale down, so always keep encouraging.   Involve little ones in everything so they know they are a part of the “team” and then reward.   Peace, – Deirdre