Economics and Investing:

Does this sound familiar?: Treasury to tap pensions to help fund government. It is notable that the mass media is presently full of headlines about a banking official arrested for rape. But who is going to bring Tim Geithner to justice for raping millions of taxpayers? (On a similar note, SurvivalBlog reader R.E.T. wrote to mention: “If a private company did this, it would rightly be called theft and the CEO would go to jail.”

The Daily Bell interview: David Morgan on the Global Economy, Inflation, Recession and Where Silver Is Headed.

File Under “Sweet Irony”: No, it’s not a story from the Onion: Zimbabwe worried about U.S. dollar as reserve currency, urges move to gold-backed standard

The latest from Michael Pollaro: Monetary Watch May 2011, QE III courtesy of the private banks

Items from The Economatrix:

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