Letter Re: An Alternative to Waterbricks

Hi Jim,   
I saw the recent link in SurvivalBlog to the review of Waterbricks. As a beekeeper I use proprietary 5 gallon 180 degree heat tolerant plastic containers for mixing and feeding sugar syrup to my bees during various times of year when there is no nectar flow.   

These containers have a ¾ inch threaded bung in the cap that will accept a plastic valve/faucet which costs $2.75 each (you must ask for them)  and there is a smaller cap and provision for a vent to allow fluids to flow easily.  At $8.75 each they are about half the price of a Waterbrick.  If you buy them in batches of 30, the price is $6.85 each.  They are stackable to a limited extent and have a heavy duty carry handle.  The opening is 70mm wide so these containers can be used for storing most dry goods as well.     I have done business with Kelly for a number of years and they are great folks to work with and provide great customer service & products at great prices.   

On another note, beekeeping is not only essential to a healthy environment, the bees make a garden and food crops much more productive, and bees provide a great source of sugar (via honey) in an SHTF scenario, not to mention the many benefits, health and otherwise honey provides.  Bee stings are a whole “nuther” story.  :O) – Nighthawk