Economics and Investing:

I called this one right: Silver struggles again after futures market raises margin requirements. (Back on April 21st, I had written: “Also, be forewarned: The COMEX Governors are soon likely to slam on the brakes on the precious metals markets by changing their trading rules. (Most likely by raising margin requirements.) Prices will get very volatile. Be ready to take advantage of any steep sell-offs.”)

D.B. in Seattle suggested this piece by Niall Ferguson: Sticker Shock. It begins: “The Fed may deny it, but Americans know that prices are rising. In this week’s Newsweek, Niall Ferguson takes a look at the Great Inflation of the 2010s.”

Loyal contributor C.D.V. forwarded this: John Williams: Hyperinflation and Double-Dip Recession Ahead

David W. sent this: Detroit’s exodus will continue without a revival. A 25% loss of population in the past decade, and no end in sight!

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