Letter Re: Why Store Wheat?

Mr. Rawles:
I’ve been reading SurvivalBlog exhaustively for several days, and I don’t understand why people store wheat as part of a long term food storage plan. Since yeast is not a long term storable commodity, it will not be available to make bread.  That means that the buckets of stored wheat can be used only for sprouts or as a cereal dish, which is rather unpalatable.  Our food storage plan is centered on rice, pasta, and beans instead of wheat.  Am I missing something? Why store hard wheat?   Thanks for your help,  Michael 

JWR Replies: Yeast can be stored for up to four years. By the time that runs out, I predict that there will have been a resurgence in popularity in sourdough “start”, which can be divided and passed around from family to family.  (Some sourdough yeast strains have been in continuous circulation for more than a century.)