Letter Re: Rechargeable Lithium Ion Button Batteries

If you like to target shoot to keep your skill level up like me and have red dot scopes then you know how expensive those coin or “button” batteries are. I have been looking for a rechargeable coin battery for a while. Well I found it. There are now CR-2032 LI-ION rechargeable batteries. For $1.75 each (if you buy 10 or more), I think its a deal. The recharger is only $5.75.

I hope this will help those who enjoy plinking and are looking to save a few dollars. Service was great and fast shipment. Disclosure: I have no connection to this company. – Jeff B.

JWR Replies: As was pointed out by reader Karl A.: The CR-2032 LI-ION battery is NOT a direct replacement for the CR-2032!  It’s voltage is twice that of the standard CR-2032.  You might fry your very expensive red dot sight trying it as a direct replacement. If you have a device that needs two CR-2032 batteries, then you might be able to use a conductive spacer made from a dead battery, along with one of the new Lithium Ion batteries.