Product Review: Gamo Airguns CFX Combo

Airguns are a useful thing to have around for pest control and small game, can be backup weapons when necessary, and are legal in many places where regular firearms are not.  They are relatively quiet, inexpensive, and the ammunition (pellets) can be bought by the thousand for little money. The Gamo CFX Combo air rifle is a handy package, that includes a .177 caliber air rifle with muzzle brake/muffler and 4×32 telescopic sight.  It shoots 1,000 fps with lead pellets, and is actually supersonic (1,200 FPS) with PBA (Performance Ballistic Alloy) pellets.  These are harder metal and harder hitting up close, but do lose some accuracy as they cross transonic in flight.

Ergonomically, it’s quite comfortable, with rubber inserts in the forearm, cheek rests on both sides of the stock, and a recoil pad.  While not needed for recoil, this also improves shoulder contact and grip. Length of pull was comfortable for children and adults.  The grip has enough molded checkering to aid in hold, without being abrasive.  Weight is listed as 8 lbs, but it felt a lot less.  The balance is excellent.

The “iron” sights are bright fiberoptic inserts, .6 mm in front, .4mm rear.  This makes them clear and bright, though a little large for small game at the far reach of the range.  The scope has ¼ MOA adjustments, and is solidly mounted to a rail.  It’s not a standard 1″ rail, but an older ½” style.  Rings are standard 1″.

The 35 lb cocking force was a bit much for children (ages 10 and 13), but manageable by all adults, some easier than others.  Pellets seat easily, action is smooth.  The trigger is two stage and adjustable, but was consistent and crisp enough we didn’t make any changes to the factory setting.  It breaks at just under 4 lbs.

Our test range was limited by property lines to 87 feet.  Temperature was 75F, 75% humidity, and calm.  Once zeroed, using standard lead pellets, we were able to keep a consistent 3″ group for near 50 rounds, with most within 2″.  The report is a crack on par with a staple gun, and penetration was through 2″ of heavy closed-cell foam and 1″ into a tree.  This is certainly adequate accuracy and penetration for rabbits, squirrels, rats, feral cats and potentially larger game.

While not durable enough for real combat or rough use (Especially the scope), it’s well-built and reliable.  Nothing about it feels flimsy or questionable.  As a retreat tool, recreational shooter or primary trainer, it’s well worth the investment.  List price is $259.95, and as always, many retailers offer good discounts. Gamo brand airguns are made in Spain. – Michael Z. Williamson, SurvivalBlog Editor at Large