Letter Re: The Forest’s Sweetener–How to Make Maple Syrup

Mr. Rawles:
I’m certainly not an expert and do not claim to be, but you can tap and produce syrup from a number of deciduous trees.  Anecdotally, I have a Métis friend who learned to tap poplars from her grandmother, and hickory syrup is now considered “gourmet”.

Birch syrup, or rather the ‘tonic’ or straight spring sap, has been a spring tonic in northern Europe.  These resources are not to be overlooked by the people who want to be food independent, especially after a hard winter without any fresh vegetables.  So if you’ve got a big stand of poplar on your land, might find a market for your syrup, too, and start a home-business out of it.  If you don’t have any trees, get planting! – E.B.