Getting Others On Board (A Prayer Answered), by Michael T.

The most amazing thing happened to my wife and I. First, some background about us.  I am a retired Master Sergeant from the Army.  I currently work for them in a civilian role in California.  My wife and I decided after my retirement in 2005 that being tied to a home and living in New York City was not in our best interest.  So, we sold everything, bought a heavy duty truck and RV and we left.

Well, since moving to California, I found myself having more time to get into some things that I always wanted to.  I wanted things such as owning and carrying firearms, hiking and camping and Survival Prep and learning how to hunt and garden.  Lucky for me my wife shared the same goals as I.  Well, one day while on one of the gun web sites that I frequent, someone recommended the novel “Patriots”.  Now, I know at this point some of you may be thinking, Okay, so what, and that you probably have a similar story.  Well, hold on a little longer, it gets better.  As I mentioned, my wife and I live in an RV.  We decided to do this and absolutely love it.  I’m on a lake and fish until I drop.

In the summer of 2010, my wife met a woman who stayed a few lots over from us.  My wife and this woman, who I’ll call “E.” became friends quickly.  We all began to hang out and as it turned out we all had a lot in common.  “E.’s” father was retired Military and she was a “Military Brat” and her friend was a nurse at the Veterans Administration hospital as she was also a veteran.

One night while we were watching a movie, we started talking about survival and what we would do and how we would do it.  What I didn’t know at the time was that I stuck a nerve with them.  You see, as it turned out, “E.” felt exactly the same way that I and my wife felt on the subject.  I then went into story-telling mode and explained to them some of the details of the novel “Patriots”.  We also shared some life experiences with each other and learned a tremendous amount about each other.

We discussed the importance of being off the grid.  It was discussed a great length the importance of personal protection.  I have even on several occasions taken them to some self-defense classes as well as provided instruction on handguns, shotguns and rifles.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how these three women have embraced the idea of personal protection and have taken on the responsibility to learn on their own.  It didn’t take much to convince them that not only could I not protect them by myself but that they may indeed need to be an active participant in all of our safety.

Well, after some good conversation and some time, “E.” came to me one day and asked me, “If you could buy some land, what would it look like?”  Well, I laughed, and simply stated that I would like it to be similar to what J.W. Rawles recommended.  A week later, “E.” comes back from a short trip and states to me, “I bought that land that you recommended”.  Of course I freaked out and replied that I recommended no such thing–I was just having fun with the conversation and having that “If I won the Lotto” dream conversation.  She laughed and tried to assure me that it was her decision and before I knew it we were sharing our very similar dreams with each other.

“E.” went on to explain her plans to live off the grid somewhat.  She wants to live a self sufficient lifestyle as well.  Of course, I show her support and congratulate her on her achievement and her goals.  Later in the week “E.” and my wife, are out shopping and “E.” mentions how she intends to hire a staff to help run things and how animals, gardens, solar energy and all sorts of things are planned into this venture.   My wife jokingly says how exciting it must be for her and that she would love a job like that.  Nothing more about this was mentioned for a few days.  A few nights later, “E.” comes over and she looks serious.  I asked her what was on her mind.  She stated that she has been interviewing my wife and I the last few days and that she wanted to make us a job offer.  I’m dumbfounded at this point.  She states that she knows I have a great job and that I am an honorable man and served proudly and there is no reason to believe her or accept.  I shoot back a thanks and a quizzical look.  She goes on to explain that she and her friend would feel more comfortable if they could share their dreams with some friends that they could trust, but also can provide some skills that they need. 

You see, “E.” grew up in several environments and has a tremendous amount of skills and knowledge from living with Mormons and on farms.  She also has hunted and knows how to prepare food as well as handle weapons.  However, I believe her health and her friend’s health are not the greatest and that being in a remote location with some friends to share it with is something they feel strongly about.  I of course can bring the muscle (at least give me that) and of course all of my military training.  I am the baby of the bunch at 45 years old.  Although I am not a story teller (I’m not big on telling war stories) and I am a bit of a recluse, I did share enough with them to give them confidence in my ability.

“E.” was interviewing my wife and me without us even knowing it.  After a few days of deliberation my wife and I accepted her offer.  “E.” has made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  I’ll leave out the particulars as this is a bit more private.  Suffice it to say, I strongly believe most of you would have accepted this opportunity as well.  Of course I have thought, is this a pipe dream or a scam?

We have since seen the property, which is located in Oregon conducted our own background checks and met with the realtors for the land. This is for real!  I was also asked to participate in a land viewing for “E”.  She intends to by an additional 2,000 acres and wanted me to check out the defensibility of the property.  Needless to say I am still in shock by all of this.  What this experience has done was to force me to spend a tremendous amount of time stealing shamelessly the wonderful ideas of your experts as well as the first time experiences of others.  I’m on my second binder of assembling notes and articles.   

What it has also done for my wife and I was to expedite our own preparedness plans as well.  We feel that no matter how this turns out it shouldn’t affect that.  So off we went and executed our plans.  I could write a laundry list of all the items we acquired, but quite frankly, it’s pretty much all of the items you’ll find here anyway, as “” is our go-to web site.

I also figure that it is better to show them our preparedness by example rather than thoughts and dreams.  We are all concerned about the State of the United States and we all feel that now is as good as time as any to be prepared for any and every situation.  We have also begun to expand our group to include my three kids, all of whom are grown up.  My son is still in the Army (a veteran of four overseas deployments), one of my daughters (Airborne) and her husband just got out of the Army and my other daughter (the smartest one, and Accounting Manager) is still living in New York City.  “E.” has a few close family members with varying skills that she is also bringing on board to be a part of our bigger family and lifestyle.  They range from Mechanic to Veterinary service and animal care.

Of course, I’m in charge of all of the security issues as well as undertaking the responsibility of ensuring everyone practices OPSEC.  All must also be technically and tactically proficient in all matters relating to weapons and combat scenarios.  I can’t cook or ride a horse but I suspect that is about to change.

We are planning, based on recommendations, Chickens, Goats, horses, swine, as well as some others.  The garden will be a tremendous undertaking as there is ample land.  But, there will be plenty of bodies to help as well.

I have always expressed with any who would listen, that the first thing I can do to help you is to help myself first.  If I am not healthy, trained, in a positive state of mind or of high moral standards, then I cannot be there for my family or help them, and that being there for my family is what I live for.  With the Help of the good Lord I find myself in a position to ensure that my family and friends survive any challenge that befalls us. It all started with my reading “Patriots” coupled with a strong belief in God and our belief that things happen for a reason.

My wife and I would like to thank you Mr. Rawles and all who participate and share ideas on SurvivalBlog.  If it weren’t for your efforts my wife and I may not have ever been this fortunate.  The ideas and experiences that others share on this site are priceless.     

I’d also like to add that I have bought a tremendous amount from your advertisers and I have been appreciative and have been happy with every order.