Letter Re: Stockpiling Nickels

Dear James Wesley,
I have been wanting to get to a bank to make arrangements to buy nickels and pennies, but my normal workday and duties prevent me.  Today I was finally able to do so.

I was told that the pennies came in “boxes” of $25 and the nickels in “boxes” of $100.  The banker said he had to check on a recent fee hike. He came back with an a $0.20 per roll delivery fee.

But then he offered a “free” alternative.  Their coin counting machine bags [loose] pennies with $50 in a full bag and $200 of nickels in a full bag.  He thought that they filled the nickels bag 3-4 times per month at that branch.  He asked me to leave my name an d number, and would call me when a bag was filled.  He also suggested that if I don’t get a call for a week or so from them that I call and they check the current bag status.  Even if the bag is not full, they would take what they had and “zero” the machine out with a new bag. 

As I was leaving I asked, “can we check the current status?” and he said sure.  He came back with one bag each of pennies and nickels.  I bought them both.

We know why I bought the nickels, but why did I buy the pennies?  I found online the manufacturer of a machine that sorts the “good” old [copper] pennies from the “bad” newer [copper-plated zinc] ones.  The banker (with a smile) said that I should return the pennies that I didn’t want to a different branch.  I’ll let you know how the machine works in a future e-mail.

Cheers, – Chris G. in Wisconsin