Notes from JWR:

Notes from JWR: I’ve been deluged with questions from readers–especially in Alaska and Hawaii, about the risk of radioactive fallout from Japan. First, I must mention that the trans-Pacific fallout map purported to be from Australian authorities now circulating is a fraud. I don’t think it is likely that any significant radiation would make it to Hawaii, Alaska or the west coast of CONUS, even if there are multiple melt-downs in Japan.  But as I’ve written previously, keep your potassium iodate or iodide handy, buy some dehydrated milk, and keep close track of radiation levels. Pray hard, folks! Do not start taking potassium iodate or iodide until you receive confirmed word that there are harmful levels of radiation in your area.

Even in the absence of other radiological effects, be forewarned that we might have to forego fresh dairy products for a few months. (Since Strontium-89, Strontium-90, Cesium-137 etc. tend to concentrate in milk.) It is a good thing that most SurvivalBlog readers have lots of instant milk powder on hand. If a dairy products shortage does develop, then please be generous with those that are truly in need.

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