Considerations for Disabled Preppers, by Kevin R.

Over the last few years, I have seen numerous articles on everything imaginable . This has been the most informative site amongst “many” others I frequent. I am a Messianic Christian and partially disabled. I once weighed over 500 pounds and was written off for dead with severe sleep apnea. By the grace of God I have since lost 300 pounds. Many years spent in a wheelchair have pretty much weakened me from the knees down. If you see me in the mall I am probably zipping by you, but I cannot stand for long. I will never be able to run or jog. This article is written for everyone. Those that are disabled have to decide to what level that they can contribute once things go bad. Those that are not disabled” find someone that is!”.

Most disabled people have something that you do not, Time! Even though some of us are able to find and do some type of work, we have time to research much more than the average joe. (this can a beautiful symbiotic relationship) the biggest excuse I hear from joe America is that they do not have the time to plan and prepare. During times we all speak of, a disabled person can be an asset, however; they can be more effective in helping you prepare beforehand. I can tell you personally that most disabled people have disabled bank accounts as well. They would love nothing more than to be useful and prepared, but lack financial resources. We then have your average survival blog reader who may or may not have a certain level of financial security; but through wage earning; has little time to actually prepare. Surely these two types could be a marriage made in heaven. For the disabled person: Use this time to your advantage, the internet, libraries etc. are great resources. Most physicians are already aware of the daily challenges for the disabled. Having lived through Hurricanes Katrina and Ike I saw first hand the new awareness from the medical community. Approach your doctor, tell them your concern on prescription meds and the desire to have long term supplies.

Find things that you can learn (the more the better) to make yourself an asset in the post modern society ahead. Cooking, sewing, and household skill as you are able. Learn about dietary and natural remedies that may aid you when medications are not available. Set up contingency plans and reach out to those that would be mindful preppers but lack time. Just being yourself will minimize their number one excuse for not prepping. Find others who desire to know what you know. Offer to work out a deal with small groups. Organize these groups by assessing what information and projects would benefit them and leverage their time by you doing the foot work. Handle group purchase deals on supplies. Even if you cannot contribute financially, you can be worth your weight in gold by helping a group of individuals and families get their ducks in a row. You could do more in a year than they could in 10 years. Imagine yourself like an administrative assistant/organizer. It will not take long for you to show your worth long before the clock hits zero. On top of that, the skills you acquire will not only carry you into what lies ahead with sword drawn, but those you are grouped with will look to you, the moment things go south. Your hours and hours of research( your own and that your group requests) will far remove you from the hopeless/helpless mindset that is all too easy for us to fall into.

For the average Joe: Likewise, find people with more time than money. They need you too, and they have a precious commodity in time that you do not. If they need a computer, used ones are all over the internet dirt cheap. This is an investment for you and your family. Make lists of things you want them to research. Touch base with them on their findings and make plans accordingly. Disabled people feel detached and useless without good reason. They have more to offer you than you realize. Even if you approach it with selfish motives you would be crazy not to see their value to you. I have done little the last three years but research these topics ,and I do it full time. Since I can get around somewhat i can barter my services for books and products. We disabled people love to read, I am working on a degree in emergency management to be more effective. is a great place to start prepper groups. I have met nurses, cops, mechanics, you name it. They value my opinion because I am honest and very well studied. Reach out to people like myself. We tend to get rejected by society as a whole ,so some are timid to reach out to you. Extend your hand and open yourself up to a gold mine of knowledge, desire and enthusiasm. Be the one to bridge the gap. It makes sense! Everyone wants to be wanted, but our unique situation can help you leverage your time and use “US” a force multiplier when thinking preps.