Letter Re: Lakeside Foods Outlet Store

Mr. Rawles;  

My family lives in southeast Minnesota.  We are fortunate to have a Lakeside Foods processing plant and distribution center nerby in Plainview , Minnesota.  Lakeside Foods is a private label food processor.  Its Plainview operation is quite diversified.

Their operation at Plainview has an interesting program for people looking to stock-up and save money on vegetables.  It has an outlet store that sells damaged cans of vegetables inexpensively.  These cans range in size from family size to one gallon.   For example, a case of 24 cans of corn, in family sized cans, sells for $6 and peas sells for $5.  Another example, a case of six, one gallon, cans of corn is $8 and peas $7.  We recently purchased 240 family-size cans of creamed corn, peas, French-styled beans, sweet corn, peas & carrots and mixed vegetables for $52.  

I have observed three types of damage to the cans.  These are 1) dents, 2) removed labeling and 3) surface rust.  Since my family began purchasing vegetables from Lakeview Foods, this damage has never resulted in spoiled food.  In my opinion, the canned vegetables are of the highest quality.  

Here are a few things customers need to know about this outlet store.  This outlet store is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM at the 900 Warehouse building.  It is a cash and carry operation.  Small bills seem to be appreciated.  Lakeside Foods will loan you a dolly.  The availability of vegetables varies.  The outlet store will temporarily close after March 17th and will open again in May.  

Lakeside Foods has 14 facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  It is unclear to me if any of these operations have an outlet store, as well.  With My Regards, – Minnesota Bill