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Charley S. pointed me to an opinion piece in The New York Times on the silver market by William D. Cohan: A Conspiracy With a Silver Lining. We are witnessing a market that is so hot, and that has taken so many mainstream market pundits by surprise that they finally realize that it is time to mention alternative media sources like Silverseek, 321Gold and Seeking Alpha. I’ve been quoting and linking to these site since 2005. All that I can say to the mainstream media is: “Well, better late than never!” Here’s a thought to ponder: How many times does someone have to be right before they stop calling him a “Contrarian Investor”?

The Daily Bell editors ask: Will Euro Failure Usher in World Currency?

J.B.G. sent us a link to a videotaped interview of Niall Ferguson: Oil could reach $200

G.G. sent this: U.S. Postal Service faces cash shortage by end of year

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