Economics and Investing:

Commentary from Barry Eichengreen in the Wall Street Journal: Why the Dollar’s Reign is Near an End. (Thanks to Jeff E. for the link.)

Also from Jeff: Muni Default Estimate: $100 Billion.

A site that maps gasoline prices, by county, has been mentioned here before: Gas Buddy.

So much for the “recovery”: February planned layoffs highest in 11 months: Challenger

Items from The Economatrix:

Can you feel the artificial stimulus trickling down? US Auto Sales Jump 20% In February. (Perhaps people are out shopping for more fuel-efficient cars.)

Oil Prices Jump On Middle East, Bernanke Comments  

Manufacturing Growing at Fastest Pace in Seven Years   

US Deficit Number One Threat To Global Economy  

The Big Financial Lie  

Jason Hommel muses about silver, electricity, well pumps, and societal collapse: Storm Has Passed