Avalanche Lily’s Bedside Book Pile

Here are the current top-most items on my perpetual bedside pile:

  • I just started to read “The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes – and Why“, by Amanda Ripley. Stephen Flynn described the book as follows: “Reading The Unthinkable will be life-changing. We live in an age of anxiety that has too many of us rocked back on our heels. Once you’ve feasted on the rich insights and wisdom of this remarkable book, you’ll be standing tall again. While our politicians and media have been keen to exploit and fan our worst fears, Amanda Ripley makes clear that individually and collectively we can meet head-on the hazards that periodically befall us. We need not be afraid!” My own assessment of the book is that it is a fascinating read, to find out what kind of people survive disasters and why. Just the introduction hooked me.
  • Last weekend, Jim and I watched the movie Sweet Land, via Netflix. It is a charming story set in the early 1920s about a Norwegian immigrant bachelor farmer in Minnesota, who finds a mail order bride in Norway. The story becomes very interesting when she arrives in Minnesota and he learns that she was raised in Norway, but is of German ancestry. (Many people held very strong anti-German sentiments during and just after World War I. ) Though most would consider this a “chick flick”, Jim did enjoy watching it.
  • I just started watching a series of DVDs produced by The West Ladies. These amazing ladies have a great wealth of practical knowledge. They really know what works for self-sufficiency. I just started watching Homestead Blessings: The Art of Gardening. I will be posting a detailed review after I’ve watched several of their DVDs.