Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“There are several methods of conflict resolution. First, there’s the market mechanism — let the highest bidder be the one who owns and decides how the land will be used. Then, there’s government fiat, where the government dictates who gets to use the land for what purpose. Gifts might be the way where an owner arbitrarily chooses a recipient. Finally, violence is a way to resolve the question of who has the use rights to the coastline — let people get weapons and physically fight it out. At this juncture, some might piously say, ‘Violence is no way to resolve conflict!’ The heck it isn’t. The decision of who had the right to use most of the Earth’s surface was settled through violence (wars). Who has the right to the income I earn is partially settled through the threats of violence. In fact, violence is such an effective means of resolving conflict that most governments want a monopoly on its use.” – Dr. Walter E. Williams