Letter Re: Lessons from the Tunisian Revolution

Greetings Mr. Rawles,
In the ongoing chaos of the Tunisia revolution we are able to watch a real life SHTF scenario being played out. Well worth the time to observe and learn from. Even though the head of the government has fled, it’s body is still alive and flailing creating havoc. The resulting chaos has caused breakdowns in food distribution and security as evidenced by the following quotes in the Washington Times. I thought it interesting that how quickly the neighborhoods have formed their own militias to protect themselves.

The following are some quotes from a Washington Times article:

“Ordinary Tunisians concentrated on two key needs Sunday — food and security.”

“Many scoured the capital for food. Most shops remained closed Sunday, others were looted, and bread and milk were running short.”

“Overnight patrols were being organized in both wealthy and working-class neighborhoods.” 

Regards, – Ralph N. from Washington State.