Letter Re: The Ten Cent Challenge

Dear JWR,  
You have a great blog site. I must inform you that you may not receive a lot of the dimes sent the way that you described. I work for the USPS as a Maintenance Mechanic, Postal Equipment. In short, I work on the automated equipment that processes the incoming letter mail. I have seen the machines tear up large number of letters. The dimes will get vacuumed up during the course of preventive maintenance. Also, new machines heading our way will incorporate a metal detector before the letter is processed through the machine. I would hate to see monies heading your way side-tracked for one reason or another. With Kind Regards, – C.D.P.       

JWR Replies: Thanks! Based on your advice, I’ve just updated the Ten Cent Challenge page with the following: “Please tape the coins to a scrap 3″x5” piece of cardboard before placing them in an envelope (preferably a padded mailer), so that the coins don’t rattle around and so the envelope does not get shredded.”

I’d also like to express my thanks to the more than 30 people that have either renewed or sent in new subscriptions in the past 24 hours. A couple of folks sent $100 and one sent $150. Those multi-year subscriptions are greatly appreciated!