The SurvivalBlog Ten Cent Challenge — Annual Reminder and the Silver Dimes Option

I only post one reminder each year about Ten Cent Challenge subscriptions, and this is it. Unlike Jimmy Wales at Wikipedia and the whining leftist hand-wringers at PBS, I don’t do endless pledge drives.

I depend on my readers to help pay the bills to keep SurvivalBlog up and running. Our web hosting on a dedicated server costs $650.00 per month, and our local ISP bill is $129.00 per month. We also have other expenses including liability insurance, phone bills, computer hardware, software, accounting, subscriptions, writing contest prizes, and so forth.

My appeal is simple: If you feel that you get more than 10 cents per day in value from reading SurvivalBlog, then please make a voluntary subscription payment, for 10 cents a day. ($36.50 for a year.)

I don’t keep any e-mail lists, which is why this annual post is necessary. (I never e-mail any solicitations for subscriptions or renewals. Subscriptions are purely on the honor system.)

The Silver Dimes Option
Staring in 2011, I’m also seeking payment for subscriptions in the form of pre-1965 U.S. silver dimes. The current multiplier for silver is around 25-to-1. (25 times face value–so a silver dime is worth about $2.50.) But since mass inflation looks inevitable, I expect that the value of a silver dime will soon exceed $10. So just send two or three silver dimes for each year’s subscription. OBTW, it is best to tape them to a scrap 3″x5″ card before placing them in an envelope, so that the coins don’t rattle around. And of course check with your postal clerk for the correct postage.

Our mailing address is:

P.O. Box 303
Moyie Springs, Idaho 83845

To those that have already subscribed, my most sincere thanks! You represent the less than 1% of readers that pony up. I greatly appreciate your loyal support!