Letter Re: Greenbackism is Not The Solution

Regarding the recent link to The Daily Bell‘s discussion of state-owned banks (Brownian Schism–Ellen Brown Restoring Credit with a Publicly-owned Bank: The Model of the Bank of North Dakota), economist Dr. Gary North has shredded and exposed Ellen Brown as a statist.

The siren song of Greenbackism is entrancing Congressmen like Dennis Kucinich and even normally reliable commentators like Karl Denninger.

Fiat credit, either through Greenbackism or state-owned bank, leads only to misery, not prosperity.

Godspeed to you and yours. – B.G. in Wisconsin.

JWR Replies: SurvivalBlog readers may also be interested in this recent piece by Dr. North: How to Defend the Free Market Gold Coin Standard: Stop Defending the Government Counterfeits.