More Legal Troubles for Mayor Bloomberg’s Gun Grabbers

I’d hate to be accused of Schadenfreude during the holidays, but I feel I must mention five recent news articles that tie in with my previous mentions of Mayor Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns civilian disarmament pressure group:

The number of mayors in Bloomberg’s group that are facing felony and lesser charges is simply astounding. Come to think of it, I have roughly the same number of friends as Bloomberg has members on the roster in his little hoplophobe club. But I couldn’t imagine having a dozen of my friends facing felony charges. Oh well, I guess that’s because I don’t move in the same lofty circles as Mayor Bloomberg.

Trouble just seems to follow these gun-grabbing mayors. There are the felonies, and more felonies, and more felonies, and more felonies.

And then there’s the scandals, more scandals, more scandals, and more scandals, and even an ongoing scandal that Bloomberg himself inherited when he took office.

With friends like these, at least Mayor Bloomberg has plenty of crime experts that he can consult for his “crime fighting” group.