Letter Re: Two Liter Bottle Adapters

I am a long time prepper, but didn’t really know it until I read “Patriots”. You’re right, you need your family’s support in this type of venture. I am lucky to have a wife and family that feel the same way as I do.

I read with great interest the blog entry:  Emergency Preparedness, Two Liters at a Time, by Roy P.   Not too long ago, my kids coerced me to purchase a science experimenter’s “toy” that solves the bottle mating problem discussed near the end of the article. The “Tornado Tube” is a female to female screw on adapter for any screw type soda/beverage bottle like the 2-liter size bottles that Roy wrote about. [By cutting the bottom off a bottle, it can be converted into a funnel, the Tornado Tube adapter allows that funnel to be securely attached to an intact bottle, beneath.]  I realize you probably don’t have time to reply, but I would appreciate it if you could include an explanation on your site of how to contribute…I must be overlooking it.   Have a Merry Christmas. – Peter K.