Letter Re: The Real Meaning of Christmas

After reading the intro to Sean F.’s article on “A Christmas Gift for the Unprepared,” there is much I could say about how the World has hijacked Christmas and the unfortunate consequence of Christians becoming dazzled by the tinsel so that they also are confused about what Christmas is really all about. Christmas is actually about a God who loves us pitiful humans so much that he sent his only Son to us as a gift. That is what Christmas is all about–not just “love for friends and family,” as Sean indicates.

What better time is there than Christmas to make sure your readers know that securing their well-being for the rest of their mortal lives on Earth is important… however this life is a vapor compared to the eternal life that is offered freely–freely!–by God through Jesus Christ! No books to buy, no supplies to stash, no great knowledge or skills must be obtained. Only this: the simple acceptance of the fact that we are sinners, that we need God to save us, and then accepting his free gift of salvation that comes via Jesus death on a cross for us. This is the message that the world needs to hear! And this is why Christmas is so wonderful, so awe-inspiring, and what Christmas is really all about!!! (For more on these subjects, I strongly recommend picking up a Bible and reading about God’s wonderful gift. The original Christmas story is available in Luke 2, and I recommend the entire book of John for non-Christians. In addition, see John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8-9, I John 5:11-13, Romans 3:23, Romans 10:9)

Of course, I do not mean to diminish the accomplishment of your blog; it is wonderful and I am a daily reader, and I thank you for it. However the greater mission for us as Christians is the same as that of the angels to the shepherds two thousand years ago: to proclaim Christ!

Merry Christmas to you and yours! – W.P.R.