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After much foot dragging, the Federal Reserve banking cartel finally fessed up to lavishing $3.3 trillion in new liquidity and in excess of $9 trillion in “short term” loans. But in doing so, they soft-pedaled the fact that a good portion of that was used to bailing out soured or failed mortgage-backed securities (MBS) derivatives contracts. Gee, even the biggest casino in the world can get insurance, these days. But I suspect that the next derivatives meltdown will be so big that it will bring down the global financial system.

C.D.V. suggested this article: Any Talk of Recovery is False. Here is snippet: “As you can see, the great retail recovery of 2010 is a sham. Comparable store sales increases of 3% are inflation-adjusted decreases of 5%. If you drive around with your eyes open, you would think the hot new retailer in America is called Space Available.”

Quest for Revenue Department: San Francisco plans tolls between Peninsula and the city. (Link courtesy of SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large Michael Z. Williamson)

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