Letter Re: Thoughts on Long Term Storage Foods

James Wesley;
I have been following your blog for a little over a year and have always been one to stockpile items that I know we will use, having lived nearly all of my life (less four years of college and two years of my working life) in a rural location. You simply buy things in bulk, so you don’t need to run into town to get that one thing. Growing up Mom always kept a full pantry (and still does though the kids are all grown and married and live elsewhere), a root cellar, etc. We have continued that for ourselves. This time of year, many grocery stores sell nuts in the shell. They are perfectly protected by the shell, so the oils in them do not go rancid, as do shelled nuts. Any shelled nuts I buy, are stored in my freezer till I use them. Nut in the shell are a great nutrition source as well and I thought it would be a good addition to food preps for your readers.

Keep up the good work. I am preparing to purchase the Rawles Gets Your Ready Family Preparedness Course during the current sale and taking an inventory of what preps we have and what we still need. There are advantages to living on your grandparents farm (purchased in the 1930s). There are many great things that are still here. Recently we cleaned out my grandparents home in a neighboring state, in preparation for it’s sale in the near future I was able to bring back a Coleman lantern and my grandmothers treadle sewing machine. Two things that could be very useful, when things get bad.

Thank you for all you do to share this information with others. I have shared you site with like minded friends and they have been thankful for it. – Kristi G.