Letter Re: Feed Corn for Family Food Storage?

James Wesley,
I am starting to store food for the future and have some wheat, beans and rice.  I would like to store corn to make into cornmeal, however I haven’t seen any available for this purpose.  I live in the southeast ands there is lots of corn we use to feed deer.  Is this suitable or can I get seed corn from the local feed store?  Any help you can provide would be appreciated.   I read your site each day and have learned a great deal from you and your readers. Thanks, – Gary M.

JWR Replies: Unfortunately, a substantial portion of the “feed corn” or “deer corn” that is typically sold at grain elevators and at farm co-ops in the U.S. is treated with fungicides, herbicides and pesticides in high concentrations. These often make it unsafe for human consumption. Furthermore, the standards for allowable levels of aflatoxins are much more lax, especially for “deer corn.” (Which is not even approved for livestock feed.)

True food (“human consumption”) grade whole corn is available in sacks or in 6 gallon food grade plastic buckets from a number of reputable vendors including Ready Made Resources, Walton Feed, and Honeyville Grain. OBTW, if you end up buying any grains in sacks, I describe how to to re-package the grain so that they will be safe from insects and vermin in the Rawles Gets Your Ready Family Preparedness Course. (Currently offered by the publisher at $50 off. This sale ends soon.)