Economics and Investing:

John R. sent this: Currency Crisis! So What Happens if the Dollar and the Euro Both Collapse? [JWR Notes: I predict that both will collapse, but that the Euro will tank first. This will mean a brief upswing in the value of the U.S. Dollar. As I’ve noted before, that brief interim will likely provide a window of opportunity to buy precious metals.]

Number of the Week: 492 Days From Default to Foreclosure. (Thanks to John R. for the the link.)

Another from John R.: Starve the Beast: Just Bull, not Good Economics.

World at a Boil with War and Economic Crisis (An excerpt from Bob Chapman’s weekly International Forecaster.)

Randy F. sent this: The Great Copper Heist.

Items from The Economatrix:

The Stench of Growing Economic Decay Grows Stronger  

Spain Could Be Forced to Seek a Bailout Within Months, Says Barclays  

EU Rescue Costs Start to Threaten Germany Itself  

Spain, Portugal and Belgium to Follow Ireland into the Abyss