Letter Re: Curbside Bulk Item Pick-Up Days

I just wanted to remind people that in some areas of the US with spring, there also comes curbside bulk item pick-up via local town and city trash service. This can provide a wealth of items from the trash of others. I have gotten so many things from this that I cannot even begin to list them all. Everything from children’s toys to hand tools to gas powered equipment such as mowers, tillers, snow-blowers, etc. Many of the items were in excellent shape and required only a clean-up. Others require a bit more work but can easily be made serviceable to those who have even a small idea what they are doing. For example, here is a link to one typical program a town in Colorado that has this service twice per year – spring and fall. When I lived in that area I used to “attend” this regularly with my pick-up and a trailer. If you have such a program in your area don’t hesitate to check it out. My only proviso is that you first check local laws to see if it is okay to take items from someone else’s trash. [Ordinances vary!] Some towns have enacted laws against this to protect against identity theft but in many cases the law applies to all trash – not just documents. Regards, – Tim P.