Letter Re: How to Remove Your House Image from Google Maps Street View

Your readers might be interested to know that the street view of their house can be viewed by anyone using Google Maps.

If they do not wish to have the view showing all your expensive SUVs and G.O.O.D. vehicles, do the following:

1. Using Google Maps, find your address.
2. Activate the Street View for that address.
3. At the bottom of the view is a link that says “Report A Problem.”

By clicking that link, you are taken to a form that allows you to request that your house photo be removed. Simply follow the directions on the form.

I did it for my house and it took about a week. Even then, the view was only partially blocked. I send another report and they changed it so that my house is completely blocked out from the front view.

Watch your top knot, – Jim H.