Letter Re: Package Delivery OPSEC

Hi Jim,

I am constantly making efforts to prepare for an uncertain future and I thought I was practicing good OPSEC. I do not discuss my efforts except with fellow preppers and my wife, I do not have anything outside my house that says “prepared”, and I generally stay low profile.

One of my friends just decided to make a purchase of 50 food grade buckets with me so we could share the shipping charges. I was shocked when one of my neighbors just called me to say, “Scott: What the heck are you preparing for?”

I raced home to discover five large boxes sitting in front of my house with “Emergency Essentials, Helping People Prepare” printed on every side on the boxes in a font that makes the words run from one end to the other. This is anything but low profile. Please pass this knowledge on to others on your blog. Let my mistake be a lesson to others. When ordering from unknown vendors, specify the packaging must be plain with no markings. This slip up on my part may have put my family at risk in the future. Having a box at your front door that says “DELL” is one thing, having a box that says “I am preparing with lots of food inside” is completely different! Best Regards, – Scott in California

JWR Replies: Most preparedness products vendors are happy to either use unmarked boxes, or assemble their logo boxes inside out. Be sure to ask for the “plain brown envelope” treatment.