Two Letters Re: The Palm Stick for Self-Defense

James Wesley:
On the palm stick topic — I might add that a mountaineering carabiner — the genuine load bearing kind, not the cheap copies — would also work [as a self defense adjunct]. I routinely carry one — and, when asked, say “Oh, I found that it makes carrying all those [full] plastic bags from the grocery store much easier. They don’t bite into my hand.” People see this as clever and never consider it has some alternative purpose [serving as a brass knuckle or palm stick type device]. And BTW, it also does make a great all purpose handle — the weight rating is something like 4,000 pounds. Keep up the great work! – Karl B.


Here are a few more references for the Koppo stick:

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BTW, with a koppo, I recommend that you put both loose ends of the cord through the loop going in opposite directions to better hide the knot.

I carry my LED “flashlight” in a belt sheath on my weak side for easy access. – Rick H.