Letter Re: Confronting Kleptocracy–Identifying The Looter Mentality

Dear Mr. Rawles,
To follow up on your recent blog article, it is sad that we live in a society where people will lower themselves to such activities as crime on the streets. That crime is regrettable, but in the aftermath of TEOTWAWKI, looting will be an absolute unacceptable crime. It will become rapidly, a capital crime.

Just as in the 19th Century, horse theft was punishable by death, so will be looting in the aftermath of any societal breakdown which results in any of the scenarios envisioned by either you, or your readers.

Essentially, “Rule .308” will apply in most cases. This will be true at the retreat where I reside. While is is not our intention, by any means, to harm a single human being, we will not stand by idly and be looted. Some of my group are of the medical profession, myself included. However, our survival will not be infringed upon by vagabonds and no-accounts who have disdain for their fellows and would steal our means of survival.

We are prepared to dispense charity (at a distance) and fully intend to follow that principle whenever and wherever possible. We believe in the old adage, “I’ll gladly give you a dollar, but don’t even think about stealing my dime.”

While is may be a good thing to recon your area and know where food and other essentials are stored, I find the idea of “taking what one wants,” as deplorable. Anyone who attempts to “help himself” to those commodities we have stocked and ready for use if needed, does so at his or her own peril! While we might eventually be taken down, it won’t be without a fight.

We believe whole-heartedly in the Sixth Commandment…Thou Shalt Not Murder. We will live by this and the other nine commandments and expect others to do the same. Criminals caught by our members will be dealt with in accordance to the law, if still in existence. If not, then “Rule .308” will apply as I doubt that any criminal determined to harm us or steal from us, would find a sympathetic jury of his/her peers. And yes, I can pull the trigger. – R.F., MD

Letter Re: Long Term Situational Awareness Can Give You The Edge

My Dear Sir,
I am surprised at the concern generated by the individual [would-be] looters like Todd S. I think some of your readers are missing what can actually happen when TSHTF in a bad way. The time may come when your readers wish all they had to deal with is a Todd S, a grid down scenario, or a Katrina.

My wife’s is from Communist China. Before the revolution, her family did well for themselves. They were a growing force in the county. They had farmland, silver and gold bars, guns, college educations, and an excellent family ethic. When the Communists came, they were slowly forced to give up all these things. There was no resisting the neighbors and the army behind them.

Burying things was impossible. It would have been death for the entire family with no appeal had they been caught. Though they were from central China, some individual members of the family attempted to escape to Taiwan or Hong Kong. They were caught and the entire family was punished. College education skipped a generation. My in-laws were denied the opportunity to go to college because they were from a landlord family (one that owned land). The family scrimped and saved during the good years. Their savings and small food larder food was immediately appropriated from them during the lean years. The stigma of success stuck to their children. My wife tells me stories of she and her sister being taunted on the playground for being from a landlord family.

When TSHTF, there will be a few “Todd S”es. Those people will be quickly ventilated or otherwise end up the recipients of the “Shoot, Shovel & Shut Up” (SS&S) treatment.

No, the looting mentality will be the neighbors who quickly form the worst of tyrannies, a democratic one. The Golden Horde will migrate into an area. These sheeple will not individually loot your belongings; most won’t dare. Instead, your supplies will be taken away by vote and then by force. If you violently oppose your local community, you and your family will killed. A small group of people cannot indefinitely resist an organized regiment, even with significant force multipliers.

Be aware that in a low supply scenario, your neighbors will enter your house to look for supplies and they will have the force of law behind them. The sheeple around you are smart; perhaps smarter than the sheep dogs. They will know what clothes you are wearing and will know when you take a shirt out of storage. “That’s a nice blue shirt Henry. I haven’t see you wear it before. How long have you had that?” They will know what you are eating from your garbage or what your children say. Imagine that nosy old lady across the street. Now imagine her in charge of the local security committee.

Be prepared for this. Liberty or death may sound well, but you will speak for your parents, wife, and children and perhaps more besides. Americans are accustomed to thinking of the enemy as honorable or law-abiding. But even the Tarletons of our history behaved with far more humane restraint than many freedom fighters of the 20th century. Bloody Kansas does not compare with the Khmer Rouge or the Lord’s Army. It can get bad.

But what about the good? The one thing that my wife’s family retained from before the revolution is their ethic. Better yet, this is the most important thing to have. Best of all, this can never be taken away from a family. Instill in your children self-reliance and morals. They should know that with hard work and discipline, they can achieve great things. They should know that they will always be accountable for their actions to themselves and to God.

I am not saying that this will happen. Heck, the Schumer may not hit in our lives or when it hits, the manner in which it does will not be like I have suggested. But we are sheep dogs and thus we prepare.

What I have suggested here can be avoided by retreating to very low population areas. But do not think of finding one of these places east of the Mississippi. Regards, – P. from Illinois