Note from JWR:

I’ve received a lot of e-mails from readers about the big Richter 8.8 earthquake in Chile, and and the fears of subsequent tsunamis. The death toll is now above 700, and climbing. Here is a quote: “Chilean state television reported that 209 inmates had escaped from a prison in the city of Chillan after a fire broke out, while the president-elect, Sebastien Pinera, reported seeing some looting while flying over damaged areas. He vowed ‘to fight with maximum energy looting attempts that I saw with my own eyes’.”

Much like the recent earthquake Haiti, it illustrates that the world can occasionally be dangerous, and that it prudent to prepare for societal disruptions. If you aren’t ready to grab your G.O.O.D. bag and be out the door in less than a minute—regardless of where you live–then you’ve done your family a disservice.