Letter Re: MZBs: Are You Prepared?

I’d just like to comment on the forum thread you linked to, titled “MZBs: Are you prepared?”, over at doomers.us

The dynamic of the petulant and angry underclass rearing a rather violent head once the social controls are gone is precisely what happened in places like Yugoslavia and Russia.

On the Serbian side, these types were actively armed by the nationalists. On the Croatian and Bosnian side, they came from a pre-existing underworld and before anyone knew what was happening they had almost completely hijacked power in many areas. And they took what they wanted, took out anyone who got in their way and plunged the place into a charnel house. The mild mannered and law abiding who did not see this coming suffered greatly. It got so bad in Sarajevo that in 1993 there erupted a battle within the battle as the government finally had to rein in the gangs.

I too have been in on several conversations similar to the one the writer related. One of the parties was a former US Serviceman who, when asked if he was putting in any kind of stockpile, answered, “I’ve got a gun and ammo, the rest will follow.” This was a soldier. I was shocked by his cavalier attitude.

The big lesson I took away from the Balkan experience is when this starts, identify and ruthlessly eliminate these people quickly. Make some very serious examples and get them under control, because if you lose that control, it is unlikely you will get it back without a great deal of effort and blood. – Jim in Virginia