Economics and Investing:

Marc Faber Predicts: Debt Interest Will Lead to Default, Then War. Thanks to Brett G. for the link.

From GG: The Debt Contretemps Everybody’s Ignoring

Several readers mentioned this: Collapse of the euro is ‘inevitable’: Bailing out the Greek economy futile, says French banking chief. In the short term this could push the US Dollar up, and gold down.

The soon-to-be-released Generation Zero documentary looks like is destined to be a success. I noticed that Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Dish is giving it some coverage.

From J.T.: Greek FinMin unveils tax reform, wage policy

GG sent a link to the latest from Mish Shedlock on “revenue enhancement” in the land of Ouzo: Greece Outlaws Cash Transactions Above 1500 Euros, Unveils New Taxes

Items from The Economatrix:

Bipartisan Jobs Bill Won’t Add Many Jobs

A European Crisis, Not a China Slowdown, Will Trigger a Global Collapse

Bankruptcy Bloodbath May Hit Muni Bond Owners Next

Euro Currency Union Showing Strain

Desolate Malls, Empty Offices May Come Soon

The Least-Trusted Banks in America

Doing the Dead Cat Bounce

This is No Time to Bet Against the US Stock Market

Individual Insurance Rates Soar in Four States

Obama Says New Budget Rules Will Rein in Spending (Gee, it must be a matter of one’s perspective, to have “out of control spending” seem “conservative”…)