Letter Re: Combination Guns for Hunting

James Wesley:
In response to the letter asking about combination guns, I do recommend having one. I have a Savage 24C .22 LR / 20 Gauge that I take hunting more than any other gun I have. Where I live in North Carolina, I can and have taken any game that is in my area. From deer using OO buck or slugs, birds, rabbits, or any small game using birdshot or the .22 rimfire barrel. I would not be afraid of using the 20 gauge barrel on black bear either, if I had too in an emergency. When hunting, I do take a sidearm in .357 Magnum just in case I do run into a black bear as a backup. Yes, I agree that it is not a defensive weapon against multiple targets, but it does serve a purpose in having one. If lost in the woods the 24C would be the gun I would want to have. – Randy in Asheville, North Carolina