Economics and Investing:

Hugh D. zeroed in on this Telegraph article: China orders retreat from risky assets. The article begins: “China has ordered managers of its vast currency reserves to withdraw from risky dollar assets and retreat to core debt guaranteed by the US government, a clear sign that Beijing is battening down the hatches for fresh trouble on global markets.”

Randy F. sent this article: Monopoly “Money “ –which notes that it is currently illegal to melt pennies or nickels, and the plans for further debasement of our currency.

Reader JTH found this: Bailout panel cites commercial real estate danger

UK central bank says it may restart debt monetization –after just r4ecently trumpeting the end of it. (Thanks to George Gordon for the link.)

Items from The Economatrix:

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Jobless Claims Figures Raises Hopes for Recovery (What a roller coaster this is…it’s down…it’s up…it’s worse…it’s better!)

Median Home Prices Show Signs of Stability (Someone saw a green shoot in a neighbor’s front yard and misinterpreted it as an economic indicator…correction will soon follow!)

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