Economics and Investing:

A link sent by SurvivalBlog’s Poet Laureate George Gordon (“GG”): Why Sovereign Debt Pain Has Only Just Started

Also from GG come this big red flag article: Greece ‘Dress Rehearsal’ for U.S. and U.K., Deutsche Bank Says

Sent by Trent: Britain faces ‘oil crunch’ within five years, Richard Branson warns

Forget The Mortgage, I’m Paying My Credit Card First! (Thanks to Coyote in northern Michigan, for the link.)

Items from The Economatrix:

Greece’s Financial Crisis Puts Future of Euro in Question

Super-wealthy Investors Move Billions Out of Greece

World Bankers Meet in Sydney as Recovery Fears Intensify

Bank Failures to Keep Rising in 2010

Obama Says Economy Turning Corner to Growth (“Turning at warp nothing, Captain.”)

Seven US States that are Worse Off than Greece, Portugal, Ireland, and Spain

UK: Thousands to Lose Jobs as Universities Prepare to Cope with Cuts

Will We Ever Trust Wall Street Again?

Greek Ouzo Crisis Escalates into Global Margin Call as Confidence Ebbs