Economics and Investing:

There has been a veritable torrent of bad economic news in the past few days. Here is just a sampling…

Ponzi Scheme: The Federal Reserve Bought Approximately 80 Percent Of U.S. Treasury Securities Issued In 2009. (Thanks to Duane for the link.)

George Gordon (“GG”) sent this: 20 Reasons Global Debt Time Bomb Explodes Soon

Also from GG: Sprott: Gold to gain 30% in 2010, higher interest rates to hurt US economy

and another from GG: Fears of ‘Lehman-style’ tsunami as crisis hits Spain and Portugal

Chad S. forwarded this: North Korea’s economic moves bring new misery

John G. liked this piece over at Zero Hedge: The Next Leg Of The Housing Crisis In Five Simple Charts

Items from The Economatrix:

Stocks Sink in on Economy Jitters; Dow Below 9,900

Companies Boost Productivity and Put Off Hiring

Bond Yields Tumble on Latest European Debt Worries

Stocks, Commodities Plunge as Dollar Gains

Retailers Likely to Close More US Stores