Economics and Investing:

I warned you, folks! Coin Composition Change Included in Obama’s 2011 Budget. Have you socked away your nickels yet? Do so before they start making them out of stainless steel! Gresham’s Law is still in force. (Thanks to CRD for the link.)

Matt B. mentioned that the Geography of Recession interactive map has been updated. This is looking grim!

The Other Jim R. forwarded us a link to this Zero Hedge piece: Brace Yourself for the Coming Gold Shortage

GG sent this: White House to paint grim fiscal picture

Michael Z. Williamson (SurvivalBlog’s Editor At Large) flagged this: Obama’s 2011 Budget Proposal: How It’s Spent

Items from The Economatrix:

Obama Seeks $1.9 Trillion Tax Rise on Rich, Business

Britain’s Banks Downgraded by S&P

US Hunger for Gasoline Falls, Unlikely to Return

Is America Broke?

How Japanese Hyper-Inflation Could Turn the USD Into Toilet Paper