Notes from JWR:

I was recently contacted by a producer for The History Channel who is making a documentary about survivalism. It is an unusual project that will include a subtext docudrama about a family that is fleeing Los Angeles in the midst of a megapandemic. He will be interviewing survivalists in Los Angeles and New York in mid-August. If you live in or near those cities and are willing to do an on-camera interview, please contact Nick Leader, via e-mail.

Last Day! Ready Made Resources is continuing their special 25% off sale on case lots of Mountain House freeze dried foods in #10 cans, with free shipping to the Continental United States. Please don’t miss out on this sale, as they don’t happen very often. Stock up! The sale ends at midnight eastern time tonight. (Wednesday, July 29th.)

Today’s first post is from my wife. Many thanks for your prayers.