Economics and Investing:

Reader David H. reminded me that the text of Murray Rothbard’s book The Case Against the Fed is available free, online.

From Kevin A.: Why Monday’s housing numbers are meaningless

Nolan S. mentioned this piece on a fundamental change in the gold-to-silver price ratio: DIVORCE!

The new ‘retirement’ plan: Just keep workin
g. (Thanks to DD for the link.)

Also from DD: Bank of America to cut 10% of branches

From GG: China takes baby step to reduce dependence on dollar

Items from The Economatrix:

Biden: “Long Way” to Recovery

Bernanke: About 25 Financial Firms are Systemically Vital

Lender Failures Reach 64, Most Since 1992

British Economy Crashing at Record Pace

Italian Economy to Shrink 5.2% in 2009

46% More Likely to Buy a Ford Because it Didn’t Get a Bailout

Dealers Aim to Clear Lots with Cash for Clunkers Program

Baby Boomers Curb Free-Spending Habits. New focus on frugality has many companies scrambling

Bernanke: This May Be Worse than Great Depression

British Economic Collapse Rivals Great Depression

More than 1,000 Banks May Fail in Coming Years

$20 Per Gallon

Lost Value of Equities in US and State Government Pensions

When Debtors Decide to Default