Economics and Investing:

From GG: Regional banks on the brink

Also from GG: UK GDP continues large declines

Another Seven US Bank Closures Announced on Friday: Regulators Shut Six Georgia Banks, One in New York State

Items from The Economatrix:

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Experts Float Debt Bubble Fears

Hollywood Celebs Filing for Bankruptcy

E-Trade Reports Quarterly Net Loss of $143 Million Discount-brokerage company has lost 94% of its market value in past two years

Asian Stocks Rise [Friday] on US Home Sales, South Korean Growth

Consumer Sentiment Falls on Jobs Concerns

Stock Trading Slowdown Steepest in Two Decades; Rally May Fizzle

UK Economy Shrank 0.8% in 2Q, More than Double than Expected

Global Depression Triggering the Evolution and Revolution of Central Banking

Bernanke Sidesteps Economic Crisis Issues

Buffett Hits $2 Billion Jackpot with Goldman

Gold Will Hit $1,250