Economics and Investing:

GG recommend this three-part YouTube video: Hyperinflation Nation

Greg C. spotted this item from New Zealand: $190,000 withdrawn in $20 bills; Irate bank customer hits back

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Items from The Economatrix:

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Minimum Wage Hike Could Threaten Low Earners’ Jobs

CalPERS, Teachers’ Retirement Loses Almost $100 Billion

Guaranty’s Collapse May Hit Stakes of Icahn, Rowling “Guaranty Financial Group Inc., the Texas bank spun off in 2007 by a forest products company, may become the biggest lender to collapse this year, wiping out investments by billionaire Carl Icahn’s funds and Omni Hotels owner Robert Rowling. Guaranty can’t raise capital demanded by regulators and will probably fail, according to a filing yesterday with the Securities and Exchange Commission….A failure would be the largest among consumer lenders since September, when regulators seized the banking unit of Washington Mutual Inc.”